United States of America

North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776 (Freq. 4)
United States, ↑America, ↑the States, ↑US, ↑U.S., ↑USA, ↑U.S.A.
Derivationally related forms: ↑American (for: ↑America)
Members of this Region:
freshman, ↑first-year, ↑billion, ↑trillion, ↑marine, ↑multiple voting, ↑snake dance, ↑reallotment, ↑reapportionment, ↑reallocation, ↑trust busting, ↑Boston Tea Party, ↑recall, ↑American Civil War, ↑United States Civil War, ↑War between the States, ↑water spaniel, ↑maquiladora, ↑slave market, ↑totem, ↑beak, ↑honker, ↑hooter, ↑nozzle, ↑snoot, ↑snout, ↑schnozzle, ↑schnoz, ↑southernism, ↑shamanism, ↑Social Security number, ↑joint resolution, ↑Bill of Rights, ↑Athapaskan, ↑Athapascan, ↑Athabaskan, ↑Athabascan, ↑Athapaskan language, ↑inaugural address, ↑inaugural, ↑tart, ↑teacake, ↑partridge, ↑scallion (for: ↑United States), ↑cola, ↑dope, ↑combination in restraint of trade, ↑State Department, ↑federal department, ↑federal office, ↑department of the federal government, ↑tribe, ↑federation of tribes, ↑nation, ↑independent agency, ↑Intelligence Community, ↑National Intelligence Community, ↑United States Intelligence Community, ↑IC, ↑county, ↑barrio, ↑Marshall Islands, ↑Republic of the Marshall Islands, ↑Union, ↑North, ↑Marlowe, ↑Philip Marlowe, ↑paleface, ↑desperado, ↑desperate criminal, ↑mestiza, ↑mestizo, ↑ladino, ↑old man, ↑staff member, ↑staffer, ↑Yankee, ↑Yank, ↑Northerner, ↑Gibson, ↑Mel Gibson, ↑Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson, ↑genus Epiphyllum, ↑pineapple weed, ↑rayless chamomile, ↑Matricaria matricarioides, ↑ringworm bush, ↑ringworm shrub, ↑ringworm cassia, ↑Senna alata, ↑Cassia alata, ↑Hedeoma, ↑genus Hedeoma, ↑golden fern, ↑leather fern, ↑Acrostichum aureum, ↑discount rate, ↑checking account (for: ↑United States), ↑dollar, ↑dollar bill, ↑one dollar bill, ↑buck, ↑clam, ↑inch, ↑in, ↑one thousand million, ↑1000000000, ↑one million million, ↑1000000000000, ↑quadrillion, ↑quintillion, ↑sextillion, ↑septillion, ↑octillion, ↑billionth, ↑trapezium, ↑trapezoid, ↑Groundhog Day, ↑February 2, ↑Lincoln's Birthday, ↑February 12, ↑Washington's Birthday, ↑February 22, ↑Presidents' Day
Instance Hypernyms: ↑North American country, ↑North American nation
Instance Hyponyms: ↑Union, ↑North
Part Holonyms: ↑North America
Member Meronyms: ↑American
Part Meronyms:
East, ↑eastern United States, ↑Midwest, ↑middle west, ↑midwestern United States, ↑Pacific Northwest, ↑American state, ↑West, ↑western United States, ↑Colony, ↑New England, ↑Mid-Atlantic states, ↑South, ↑Sunbelt, ↑North, ↑Dakota, ↑Alabama, ↑Heart of Dixie, ↑Camellia State, ↑AL, ↑Alaska, ↑Last Frontier, ↑AK, ↑Arizona, ↑Grand Canyon State, ↑AZ, ↑Arkansas, ↑Land of Opportunity, ↑AR, ↑California, ↑Golden State, ↑CA, ↑Calif., ↑Colorado, ↑Centennial State, ↑CO, ↑Connecticut, ↑Nutmeg State, ↑Constitution State, ↑CT, ↑Delaware, ↑Diamond State, ↑First State, ↑DE, ↑District of Columbia, ↑D.C., ↑DC, ↑Florida, ↑Sunshine State, ↑Everglade State, ↑FL, ↑Georgia, ↑Empire State of the South, ↑Peach State, ↑GA, ↑Hawaii, ↑Hawai'i, ↑Aloha State, ↑HI, ↑Idaho, ↑Gem State, ↑ID, ↑Illinois, ↑Prairie State, ↑Land of Lincoln, ↑IL, ↑Indiana, ↑Hoosier State, ↑IN, ↑Iowa, ↑Hawkeye State, ↑IA, ↑Kansas, ↑Sunflower State, ↑KS, ↑Kentucky, ↑Bluegrass State, ↑KY, ↑Louisiana Purchase, ↑Louisiana, ↑Pelican State, ↑LA, ↑Maine, ↑Pine Tree State, ↑ME, ↑Maryland, ↑Old Line State, ↑Free State, ↑MD, ↑Massachusetts, ↑Bay State, ↑Old Colony, ↑MA, ↑Michigan, ↑Wolverine State, ↑Great Lakes State, ↑MI, ↑Minnesota, ↑Gopher State, ↑North Star State, ↑MN, ↑Mississippi, ↑Magnolia State, ↑MS, ↑Missouri, ↑Show Me State, ↑MO, ↑Montana, ↑Treasure State, ↑MT, ↑Nebraska, ↑Cornhusker State, ↑NE, ↑Nevada, ↑Silver State, ↑Battle Born State, ↑Sagebrush State, ↑NV, ↑New Hampshire, ↑Granite State, ↑NH, ↑New Jersey, ↑Jersey, ↑Garden State, ↑NJ, ↑New Mexico, ↑Land of Enchantment, ↑NM, ↑New York, ↑New York State, ↑Empire State, ↑NY, ↑North Carolina, ↑Old North State, ↑Tar Heel State, ↑NC, ↑North Dakota, ↑Peace Garden State, ↑ND, ↑Ohio, ↑Buckeye State, ↑OH, ↑Oklahoma, ↑Sooner State, ↑OK, ↑Oregon, ↑Beaver State, ↑OR, ↑Pennsylvania, ↑Keystone State, ↑PA, ↑Rhode Island, ↑Little Rhody, ↑Ocean State, ↑RI, ↑South Carolina, ↑Palmetto State, ↑SC, ↑South Dakota, ↑Coyote State, ↑Mount Rushmore State, ↑SD, ↑Tennessee, ↑Volunteer State, ↑TN, ↑Texas, ↑Lone-Star State, ↑TX, ↑Utah, ↑Beehive State, ↑Mormon State, ↑UT, ↑Vermont, ↑Green Mountain State, ↑VT, ↑Virginia, ↑Old Dominion, ↑Old Dominion State, ↑VA, ↑Washington, ↑Evergreen State, ↑WA, ↑West Virginia, ↑Mountain State, ↑WV, ↑Wisconsin, ↑Badger State, ↑WI, ↑Wyoming, ↑Equality State, ↑WY, ↑Connecticut River, ↑Great Lakes, ↑Mississippi River, ↑Missouri River, ↑New River, ↑Niagara, ↑Niagara River, ↑Niobrara, ↑Niobrara River, ↑Ohio River, ↑Rio Grande, ↑Rio Bravo, ↑Saint Lawrence, ↑Saint Lawrence River, ↑St. Lawrence, ↑St. Lawrence River, ↑Twin, ↑Twin Falls, ↑Yosemite, ↑Yosemite Falls, ↑Yukon, ↑Yukon River

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noun AMERICA, the USA, the US; informal the States, the US of A, Uncle Sam; poetic/literary Columbia. See lists here and at president.
States of the United States of America
statezip codecapitalnicknames:
Alabama ─ AL ─ Montgomery ─ Camellia State, Heart of Dixie
Alaska ─ AK ─ Juneau ─ Mainland State, the Last Frontier
Arizona ─ AZ ─ Phoenix ─ Apache State, Grand Canyon State
Arkansas ─ AR ─ Little Rock ─ Bear State, Land of Opportunity
California ─ CA ─ Sacramento ─ Golden State
Colorado ─ CO ─ Denver ─ Centennial State
Connecticut ─ CT ─ Hartford ─ Nutmeg State, Constitution State
Delaware ─ DE ─ Dover ─ Diamond State, First State
Florida ─ FL ─ Tallahassee ─ Everglade State, Sunshine State
Georgia ─ GA ─ Atlanta ─ Empire State of the South, Peach State
Hawaii ─ HI ─ Honolulu ─ Aloha State
Idaho ─ ID ─ Boise ─ Gem State
Illinois ─ IL ─ Springfield ─ Prairie State, Land of Lincoln
Indiana ─ IN ─ Indianapolis ─ Hoosier State
Iowa ─ IO ─ Des Moines ─ Hawkeye State, Corn State
Kansas ─ KS ─ Topeka ─ Sunflower State, Jayhawker State
Kentucky ─ KY ─ Frankfort ─ Bluegrass State
Louisiana ─ LA ─ Baton Rouge ─ Pelican State, Sugar State, Creole State
Maine ─ ME ─ Augusta ─ Pine Tree State
Maryland ─ MD ─ Annapolis ─ Old Line State, Free State
Massachusetts ─ MA ─ Boston ─ Bay State, Old Colony
Michigan ─ MI ─ Lansing ─ Wolverine State, Great Lake State
Minnesota ─ MN ─ St Paul ─ Gopher State, North Star State
Mississippi ─ MS ─ Jackson ─ Magnolia State
Missouri ─ MO ─ Jefferson City ─ Bullion State, Show Me State
Montana ─ MT ─ Helena ─ Treasure State, Big Sky Country
Nebraska ─ NE ─ Lincoln ─ Cornhusker State, Beef State
Nevada ─ NV ─ Carson City ─ Silver State, Sagebrush State
New Hampshire ─ NH ─ Concord ─ Granite State
New Jersey ─ NJ ─ Trenton ─ Garden State
New Mexico ─ NM ─ Santa Fe ─ Sunshine State, Land of Enchantment
New York ─ NY ─ Albany ─ Empire State
North Carolina ─ NC ─ Raleigh ─ Old North State, Tar Heel State
North Dakota ─ ND ─ Bismarck ─ Flickertail State, Sioux State
Ohio ─ OH ─ Columbus ─ Buckeye State
Oklahoma ─ OK ─ Oklahoma City ─ Sooner State
Oregon ─ OR ─ Salem ─ Sunset State, Beaver State
Pennsylvania ─ PA ─ Harrisburg ─ Keystone State
Rhode Island ─ RI ─ Providence ─ Little Rhody, Plantation State
South Carolina ─ SC ─ Columbia ─ Palmetto State
South Dakota ─ SD ─ Pierre ─ Sunshine State, Coyote State
Tennessee ─ TN ─ Nashville ─ Volunteer State
Texas ─ TX ─ Austin ─ Lone Star State
Utah ─ UT ─ Salt Lake City ─ Mormon State, Beehive State
Vermont ─ VT ─ Montpelier ─ Green Mountain State
Virginia ─ VA ─ Richmond ─ Old Dominion State, Mother of Presidents
Washington ─ WA ─ Olympia ─ Evergreen State, Chinook State
West Virginia ─ WV ─ Charleston ─ Panhandle State, Mountain State
Wisconsin ─ WI ─ Madison ─ Badger State, America's Dairyland
Wyoming ─ WY ─ Cheyenne ─ Equality State
District of Colombia ─ — ─ Washington

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